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Cyber Security

Combat the increasing threat of cybercrime with our multi-layered approach to cyber security, combining market leading solutions.

IT Support London

Quick and reliable IT Support when you need it. Removing the burden of frustrating IT issues, ensuring maximum productivity.

IT Strategy

Bespoke strategic IT consultancy that aligns your use of technology to the unique needs, goals, and challenges of your modern business.

A united

Technology partnership

You & Sereno

Investing in the right technology will reduce risk, eliminate potential IT issues, and streamline business processes, in turn fuelling efficiency and saving you money.

As your IT Support partner, it’s our goal to support you in achieving an optimised IT setup that works for your business. After all, reduced risk and minimised IT issues benefits us, as well as you!

IT support London

How our IT Support works

As a team, we bring over 75 years of IT support experience. We've seen it all and know the value of a mutually beneficial relationship between IT Support partner and client. Which is why we’re dedicated to investing in your business, when you invest in your technology.

Reduced monthly IT Support fee

When you invest in fundamental cyber security solutions we’ll reduce your support fee to account for fewer IT issues and reduced risk. Reduced cost doesn't mean reduced service! You'll benefit from quick and reliable IT Support when you need it.

We'll split the cost of your next IT project

Once you’ve onboarded, we’ll help you optimise your IT setup by splitting the cost of your next IT project. This will help ensure you’re utilising technology to its fullest potential. Streamline operations and increase productivity through integration and automation.

We’ll cover 25% of your cloud migration cost

The modern workplace relies on cloud technology for successful, flexible and secure working. If you’re not benefitting from cloud computing, we’ll cover 25% of your migration cost, enabling you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

Comprehensive audit of your current IT set-up

We’ll invest time in completing an in-depth IT audit as part of your onboarding process. By fully understanding your business and requirements, we'll be able to recommend tailored IT solutions to solve your problems and achieve business goals.

IT Support

Our IT Support services include:

IT Support London
Cyber Security
IT Strategy
Cloud Computing
Cloud phones
Microsoft 365
Backup Solutions
Proactive Monitoring
Remote Working
IT support London

Partnered with the best

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IT Support London

Is our IT Support
right for you?

We excel in helping small and medium sized businesses based in London and surrounding areas. Our clients typically have between 10-150 employees.

We’re experienced in successfully supporting a variety of different industries, including Financial, Property, and Professional Services.

So, if you’re looking for quick, reliable and expert IT Support at a fixed monthly cost, contact us now.

Customer satisfaction
Calls answered within 3 rings
Years of IT support experience
IT support London

Switching to us is easy


Contact us today!

Please get in touch with our IT Support team, and we’ll discuss your requirements.


We learn about your business

We’ll get to know you and your business and recommend how our IT Support can help.


Stress-free onboarding

We’ll manage the process, liaising directly with your previous IT partner to ensure a smooth transition.


Comprehensive IT audit

We’ll assess your IT setup, interview stakeholders, and provide an IT roadmap that will ensure success.


on hand

Once you’ve partnered with us, we’ll always be there to solve your IT issues and provide strategic IT consultancy.

IT Support London

Market leading IT Support at a reduced cost

How is this possible?

We think smarter. Using our collective 75+ years IT Support experience, we’ve identified the most common IT issues for London businesses. 

We know exactly where most businesses tend to fail technically, and have developed an IT support offering that not only provides you with a great IT support experience, but also gives you an IT strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

By using the latest helpdesk, automation and communications technologies, we eliminate the need to complicate our IT setup, and we’ll show you how to do the same. 

Our team are able to work remotely, giving them flexibility and a good work-life balance. By reducing our overheads we can focus on what really matters, providing you with industry leading IT support.


Our happy clients

IT support London

A unique approach to IT Support

Unlike many IT Support London companies who target their team on counterproductive SLAs, our team purely focus on maximising your IT support experience. This ensures that your IT problems are solved efficiently and effectively. We vow to always provide long-term fixes, minimising the reoccurrence of frustrating  IT problems. 

Your satisfaction is our priority. After each request is completed, your employees can rate how effectively we helped. We strive to always meet or exceed an agreed customer experience score, if we dip below this score, you’ll be enrolled into a service improvement plan, taking measures to enhance your customer experience. 

IT support London

IT Support FAQs

An IT Support company will provide proactive and reactive IT Support services, such as: monitoring and maintenance, cyber security, cloud computing, cloud hosted VoIP phones, Microsoft 365, backup and disaster recovery, communications and remote working solutions. A good IT Support partner should also provide strategic IT advice to help ensure you invest in the right technology to keep you ahead of the competition.
IT refers to Information Technology. Information Technology underpins every aspect of business, so a good IT support partner is crucial to ensuring your success. Good IT Support should mean that you don’t deal with the same IT issues repeatedly. But a great IT Support partner will also proactively monitor your systems, provide strategic IT consultancy, and ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber attack or disaster.
Good IT support ensures that your IT issues are fixed quickly and do not reoccur, meaning frustrating IT problems and downtime is minimised. The objective is to support you in achieving an optimised IT setup that works for your business, reducing risk, eliminating potential IT issues, streamlining business processes, in turn fuelling efficiency and saving you money. The benefit of outsourcing your IT support is that you don’t have to worry about your IT and you can focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.
Great IT support is vital to the success if your business. With cyber attacks on the increase, especially among small to medium sized businesses, you should make sure that your IT Support partner has extensive cyber security expertise and follows industry best practices for data protection and compliance, such as Cyber Essentials. They should recommend a multi-layered approach to securing your business. Businesses often worry that switching IT partner may cause unnecessary stress and frustration. But don’t worry, a good IT support partner will liaise with your old IT provider directly, ensuring the switch is as stress-free as possible.
IT Support London

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IT support London

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