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A united partnership that will drive success for your London business

Cyber Security

Combat the increasing threat of cybercrime with our multi-layered approach to cyber security, combining market leading solutions.

Quick and reliable IT Support when you need it. Removing the burden of frustrating IT issues, ensuring maximum business productivity.

IT Strategy

Bespoke strategic IT consultancy that aligns your use of technology to the unique business needs, goals, and challenges of your modern business.

A United Technology Partnership
You and Sereno

At Sereno we make people the focus of IT Support.

Our people-centric approach ensures we always deliver impeccable customer service while also providing technology insight and consultancy to make your business a success.

We’re motivated by how the right, proactive IT advice delivers mutually beneficial results for you and us, allowing us to build a truly united technology partnership.

Sereno IT explained in 2 min

Sereno IT explained in 2 min

Problems we solve

These are some of the most common issues our partners had with their previous providers before switching to Sereno – our London IT support company. If these sound familiar, we can help.

We are only interested in long term fixes. We monitor against any re-opened or reoccurring issues and then prioritise them for escalation, ensuring we always get to the root cause.

We offer our partners the ability to book an IT support engineer at a time that’s convenient to you and provide an instant chat option to help address those small frustrating IT requests. No more email and phone ping-pong wasting everyone’s time!

Through intelligent alerts around communication, our business IT support team ensures you are always kept up to date. You can also comment on and receive updates in real time on existing issues through our Partner Portal or request a time to speak to an engineer.

Our robust service processes, employee training program and best-in-class ratio of engineers to people we support, ensure you always receive consistent service. Our primary focus is Partner Experience, it’s in our culture and our contracts.

Our goal is to remove repetitive and admin-heavy tasks from you. New employee onboarding, leavers, and new hardware requests are all examples of automated and templated requests available through our Partner Portal.

Our service is designed around reducing the burden IT has on our Partners, which means creating seamless ways to provide support without requiring your people’s intervention. The technology and tools we have invested are specifically there to prevent this from happening.

Your team won’t have to wait for technical issues to be resolved with our simple booking system or instant chat, nor should they be involved in other day-to-day tasks as we manage the entirety of your IT environment for you.

Our first priority is to help businesses utilise their existing IT systems to their full potential and ensure they’re only paying for IT resources that are giving equal value back. We also run our business fairly, providing cost-effective services that benefit both parties…not just financial benefits for shareholders!

We also create a clear annual budget plan to give visibility over IT related costs and review these ongoing to try and help reduce them where possible.

Advice is the most important element in our proactive approach, and we insist we meet at minimum once a quarter for this purpose. We will provide actionable insights and focuses for each quarter to improve and reduce risk.
One of our first actions will be to review your current environment and ensure you are getting the most out of your current systems and tools – most companies are only using a fraction of what’s already available within platforms like Microsoft and Google.
We conduct an annual strategic review meeting to identify goals for the business, then create a road map that supports these. This is then reviewed quarterly with your dedicated advisor to ensure we are on track, or if changes are needed.
We actively measure and report on your employee satisfaction and conduct service ticket analyses proactively to ensure we never get to this situation in the first place.

A reliable IT Support Team is just a call away.

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Looking to outsource your IT support?

Looking for quick, reliable and expert IT Support in London? As a trusted IT support London services provider, we believe in full transparency with our partners. Learn more about our pricing and support packages we provide.


Why partner with SERENO

Promptly addressing your IT needs, improving your productivity, and saving costs is the top priority. That, however, should be a given! At Sereno, we go a step further to always ensure a win for our partners.

Reduced monthly IT Support fee

When you invest in fundamental cyber security solutions, we’ll reduce your support fee to account for fewer issues and reduced risk. Reduced cost doesn’t mean reduced service! You’ll benefit from quick and reliable IT Support service when you need it.

We'll split the cost of your next IT project

Once you’re onboarded, we will suggest a detailed support plan to optimise your IT environment through automation and integration. As this is an investment that benefits us both, we will split the labour costs of this project with you. That’s a Unified Partnership in action!

No long term commitment

We understand that choosing a new IT partner is a difficult decision that requires trust. Therefore, all IT support partnerships are 30-day rolling for the first 12 months and forever backed by our Partner Experience Guarantee.

We’ll cover 25% of cloud migration cost

The modern workplace relies on cloud technology for successful, flexible and secure working. If you’re not yet leveraging cloud computing, we’ll cover 25% of your migration cost, enabling you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

Customer Satisfaction
Resolved within 1 hour
Years of IT Support Experience


Our happy clients

Laurence Harper
Read More
Sereno IT Support is fantastic. I wish we had found out about them earlier. They offer honest strategic IT advice in plain English.
Dan Jones
Burgess Studio
Read More
The team deliver a great level of customer service and are friendly and really know what they are talking about. I would highly recommend.
Sandip Sali
Read More
Finally a stress free approach to our IT Support, which has freed up my time. Sereno deliver.

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Please get in touch with our London IT Support team, and we’ll discuss your requirements.


We learn about your business

We'll get to know you and your business's specific requirements and then discuss how our IT Support can help.


Stress-free onboarding

We’ll manage the entire process, liaising directly with your previous IT support provider to ensure a smooth transition.


Comprehensive IT audit

We’ll assess your IT setup, interview stakeholders, and provide an IT roadmap to ensure success.


Always on-hand

Once you’ve partnered with us, we’ll always be there to solve your IT issues and provide strategic IT consultancy services.


Partnered with the best

Looking to move away from your old IT provider, but not sure how? We’re here to help guide you through the process and answer any question you might have. Get in touch today!



Is our IT Support right for you?

We excel in helping small and medium-sized businesses based in London and surrounding areas. Our clients typically have between 10-150 employees.

We’re experienced in successfully supporting a variety of different industries, including Financial, Property, and Professional Services.

So, if you’re looking for quick, reliable and expert Managed IT Support services in London at a fixed monthly cost, contact us now.


Frequently asked questions

An IT Support company should act as an extension of your business, replicating the support, guidance and management you expect from an in-house IT Team and IT Manager. They will handle day-to-day IT Support requests, manage IT-related admin procedures, procure hardware/software, and advise on the right IT infrastructure to improve business operations and address cyber security concerns.

If you are a company of more than 5 employees then you are likely to need IT Support. If you want to focus on scaling your business rather than managing IT-related tasks and issues, you need to outsource. The cost of unproductive staff, and the potential risk of cyber-attacks, quickly outweigh the investment to have a professional business IT support services provider manage this on your behalf. Employee satisfaction and therefore retention can be impacted by poorly managed IT. 

The type of IT support you need depends on several factors, including the size of your business, your industry, and your specific technology requirements.

For small businesses, managed IT services may include help desk services for day-to-day technical assistance, network and infrastructure support for maintaining a reliable IT environment, cybersecurity measures to protect against threats, disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity in case of disruptions, data backup and recovery solutions to safeguard critical information, and strategic IT consulting.

On the other hand, medium to large businesses may require more specialised support, such as enterprise-level security solutions, cloud migration and management, software development and integration, and IT project management services.

IT support ensures smooth operation and business continuity, preventing downtime and maintaining productivity. An IT service provider can help users efficiently troubleshoot problems and enhance security measures, protecting sensitive data from cyber threats and breaches.

Many London businesses choose to outsource IT support since this approach allows them to access a team of skilled professionals with diverse expertise without the overhead costs of hiring an in-house team.

Outsourcing IT support translates to faster response times, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Moreover, IT support businesses provide access to advanced technologies and tools that may be otherwise out of reach for a small business, such as security monitoring software, intrusion detection systems, and other cyber essentials.

We provide comprehensive IT support for businesses in London and surrounding areas. Our services include fully managed IT support, backup solutions, cloud assistance, cyber security, and more. Also, we help companies in London to streamline business communications with lightning fast phone, connectivity, and internet.

London IT support services can substantially vary in cost depending on service scope and complexity of systems. While small businesses in London typically spend a few hundred pounds for basic services monthly, medium-sized businesses and enterprises can invest thousands.

As a trusted London business IT support company, we do our best to live up to this image and offer transparent and competitive pricing. You can check it by following the link.

Question not answered yet? Whether it’s about our pricing, services or processes. We’re here to answer any question you might have. Just drop us a line or schedule your 1-1 discovery call.


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Any questions?

Question not answered yet? Whether it’s about our pricing, services or processes. We’re here to answer any question you might have. Just drop us a line!