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If you’re a SME and looking for quick, reliable and proactive IT Company in London, at a reduced and fixed monthly cost, you’ve come to the right place!

Sereno helps small and midsize businesses, with 5 to 80 employees, with IT managed services at their control. Check out our limited and exclusive offer.


Fast & Reliable Remote IT Service

Request Remote IT Support how you want, when you want on Sereno platform. We work around your schedule.

We also offer instant remote IT Support through live person chat for your team’s minor questions or requests. This saves time to your London based team! 

You can enter your questions into our portal’s live web chat function…

and expect a swift reply, 80% of chat requests are usually solved instantly. 

Also, we don’t just sit around and wait for something to go wrong. We proactively monitor systems and provide advice to ensure we identify and resolve issues before they disrupt your business.

Take a look at our Managed IT Services – IT support packages & pricing.

Instant real-time chat with an engineer

Speak to an engineer immediately through our online real-time chat. Always available to provide remote support and connect to your device as needed.

Book an engineer at your convenience

We work around your schedule. We give you the ability to book time with an engineer at a time that suits you best. No more calls out of the blue or unavailable engineers.

Streamline support requests for a quicker fix

Using our online portal we streamline support requests, reducing the time you need to spend on IT issues and giving you a quicker resolution to all requests.

Automated approvals & service requests

We automate the approval process and create bespoke service requests specific to your business’s requirements, giving a personalised experience and removing delays.


Our Happy Clients

Laurence Harper
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Sereno IT Support is fantastic. I wish we had found out about them earlier. They offer honest strategic IT advice in plain English.
Dan Jones
Burgess Studio
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The team deliver a great level of customer service and are friendly and really know what they are talking about. I would highly recommend.
Sandip Sali
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Finally a stress free approach to our IT Support, which has freed up my time. Sereno deliver.

Are you experiencing any issues or uncertainties with your IT environment?  Our team can help answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have about your IT environment, all free of charge.


Sereno Exclusive Offer

Get in touch to redeem your offer and reserve your place.

We understand moving IT providers can be a big decision, so we have removed the risk for you! We put our money where our mouth is because we are this confident you will love our service.

1 Month of IT Support for free

Receive your first 1 month of IT Support from us for free (limited time offer)

Free onboarding and transition

No cost to move from your current provider to Sereno, with the process completely managed by us. No disruption, no downtime, only benefits and savings.

Monthly rolling contracts

We don’t ‘lock you in’ like other providers. Let us prove our service quality to you in the first 12 months, with a 30-day notice period

Partner Satisfaction Guarantee

If your Partner Experience score goes below 95%, we won’t hold you to any future contracts. We live and breathe our company values and commitments to our partners.

Switching IT Company Is Much Easier Than You Think

Staying with a poor IT company because you’re afraid to move away is no longer an acceptable excuse. Here we debunk 9 IT switching  fears vs realities. And for a stress-free transition, download our handy switching checklist where we outline everything you need to prepare for.

Promptly resolving your IT issues, improving your productivity, and saving you IT costs is the top priority. That, however, should be a given! At Sereno Managed IT Services London, we go a step further to always ensure a win for our partners.

No long term commitment

We understand that choosing a new Managed IT provider in London is a difficult decision that requires trust. Therefore, all IT support partnerships are 30-day rolling for the first 12 months and forever backed by our Partner Experience Guarantee.

We’ll cover 25% of cloud migration cost

The modern workplace relies on cloud technology for successful, flexible and secure working. If you’re not benefitting from cloud computing, we’ll cover 25% of your migration cost, enabling you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

You invest, we invest

Benefit from reduced monthly fees after you invest in your London cyber security. Plus, subsidised cloud migrations and discounted IT projects to help you get started in achieving your optimal IT setup.

Customer-first approach

Our service desk team are targeted solely at customer satisfaction, meaning your people are our priority. Our Partner Experience Agreement is embedded into our culture and our agreements.

Customer Satisfaction
Resolved within 1 hour
Years of IT Support Experience

Looking for quick, reliable and expert  IT Support London company? At Sereno, we believe in full transparency with our partners. Learn more about our IT support services pricing and the level of services we provide.

Our Unique Approach To Managed IT Services

Many Managed IT companies London target their team on counterproductive SLAs that often work against you, rewarding the least amount of time spent on your requests and resulting in short-term thinking.

Here at Sereno, our team are purely focused on your satisfaction with the experience and outcome. We call this our Partner Experience Agreement PXA.

We gather feedback on each service request and monitor your Partner Experience score. If you ever dip below 95% satisfaction with our service, we immediately enter you into a service improvement plan to identify and resolve the cause.

If your still unhappy we remove any contractual commitments you have, simple as that.


Proactive Monitoring

Strategic technology planning

Support your wider business goals with an aligned technology strategy. We help you make informed decisions, cutting through the tech and getting down to business.

Interactive road map and reporting

Have complete visibility over your IT environment, keep track of current and future projects, and budget accordingly – all in our simple interactive online platform.

IT assessments you can understand!

Your dedicated Technology Advisor continuously assesses your entire IT environment, identifying and communicating improvements or opportunities.

Cyber security & compliance managed

We review, advise, and manage your Cyber Security. Helping to secure your business and achieve compliance, be that against best-practice or industry requirements.

Buyer Guide to Managed IT Services in 2023

We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right provider, which is why we’ve compiled all the factors you need to consider into one easy-to-follow guide.

From assessing data security measures to evaluating professional services and contract flexibility, we provide expert guidance and insider tips to help you make an informed decision.


Effective IT consultancy

Informed, actionable IT advice should be the most valuable service you receive from your IT partner. At Sereno, we pledge to be your greatest supporter by also being your biggest critic.  

We will thoroughly and continually audit your IT and security environment, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for success and recommending technical solutions accordingly.  

In doing so, we can help you achieve an IT setup that will minimise risk, prevent disruption, fuel efficiency and save you money. 

To make your life easier, we provide an interactive online platform that gives you visibility over everything you need to know to make informed decisions. Data is displayed clearly through graphs, tables, and real-time statistics, which we will walk you through quarterly, highlighting key areas of focus to drive business success.  

Comprehensive security documentation as standard

What happens when prospective clients or investors must conduct due diligence regarding your technology and security environment? Most IT support providers don’t consider situations like this, leaving you to manage due diligence on your own without the technical background you need.  

However, at Sereno, we guarantee you always have access to the technical information you need. With every security service we supply and manage for you, we provide security documentation as standard. Written by our security experts, this document will outline what security measures you have in place, how they’re managed, and how this helps secure your business. 

A true united partnership.



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