IT Support London

IT Support London

What makes us different

You invest, we invest

Benefit from reduced support fees after you invest in your cyber security. Plus, subsidised cloud migrations and discounted IT projects to help you get started in achieving your optimal IT setup.

Stress-free IT Support

Schedule calls directly with our IT engineers, so that we can solve your IT issues at a time that works for you. Plus, get instant IT Support via our chat function for all your smaller IT questions and requests.

Expert IT advice

We deliver strategic IT consultancy to help you get the most out of your technology. You’ll also benefit from our specialised online platform, outlining your entire IT setup

Customer-first approach

Our help desk team are targeted based solely on customer satisfaction, meaning your employees are prioritised at all times.

IT Support London

Request IT Support how you want, when you want

Most everyday IT Support requests aren’t an emergency. Which is why we give your employees the flexibility to schedule in time to resolve their non-urgent IT issues, when it works for them. This prevents unnecessary disruption to your workforce. Instead, they can chose a time that suits them, and know exactly when to expect our IT experts to get in touch.

Plus, we also offer instant IT Support through instant chat messaging for when your team has a minor question or request. This, again, saves your employees’ time. They can simply enter their question into our online chat function and expect a reply imminently. This means that smaller IT Support requests are usually solved immediately. And, if they require further assistance, they can always schedule a call with one of our IT engineers at a time that works for them.

IT Support London

As your IT Support partner we will

IT Support London

Effective IT consultancy

Informed, actionable IT advice should be the most valuable service you receive from your IT partner. At Sereno, we pledge to be your greatest supporter, by also being your biggest critic. We will thoroughly and continually audit your IT and security environment, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for success, and recommending technical solutions accordingly. In doing so, we can help you achieve an IT setup that will minimise risk, prevent disruption, fuel efficiency and save you money.

We also recognise how frustrating it can be spending hours sifting through various technical reports to get the information you need. Which is why, at Sereno, we use one interactive online platform that details everything you need to know about your IT environment. Data is displayed clearly through graphs, tables, and real-time statistics. The data in the platform also adheres to tried and tested scoring systems, making it easy to identify where your technology environment is successful or where it’s underperforming.

Each quarter, we will review your IT setup with you using our online platform, whereby we will provide actionable insights and strategic IT solutions based on our analysis. This makes it easy to understand exactly how you’re operating from a technical perspective, enabling you to make informed decisions that ultimately drive business success.

IT Support London

Comprehensive security documentation as standard

Most SMEs don’t have IT expertise in-house, meaning they rely on their IT partner for all their technical needs. But what happens when prospective clients or investors need to conduct due diligence regarding your technology and security environment? Where does this responsibility lie? And to what extent should your IT provider support this process?

Most standard IT support contracts consider situations like this, leaving you to manage due diligence on your own without the technical background you need. However, at Sereno we guarantee to make sure you always have access to the technical information you need. Which is why, in addition to your IT security policy, we will provide you with a security due diligence document as standard. Written by our security experts, this document will outline what security measures you have in place, how they work, how they’re managed, and how this helps secure your business.

IT support London

Why work with us?


Proactive IT Support London

We don’t sit around and wait for something to go wrong. We will proactively monitor your systems to prevent IT issues from occurring in the first instance. This means we can often identify and resolve IT problems before they cause disruption to your business. This minimises the number of IT issues you experience and helps your team stay productive.


Cutting-edge technology

We’ve invested in market leading IT and cyber security solutions, meaning we provide you with the very best in IT Support. Plus, all of our technology is tried and tested in line with the latest technological advancements.


Unrivalled end user experience

Our team are targeted based purely on customer experience, ensuring your employees’ satisfaction is always front of mind. We’re proud of our culture and strongly believe that our team of happy and dedicated IT specialists is the key to keeping your employees stress-free and satisfied.


A trusted IT partner

We know how difficult it can be to understand what cyber threats are out there and how to protect against them. Which is why we aim to simplify the process of securing your business by offering you easy to understand solutions and bespoke security advice.