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Elevate your business IT experience with Sereno’s unparalleled IT support London. As a trusted partner for many London-based SMEs, we offer quick, reliable, and proactive solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Suitable for companies with 5–100 employees, our affordable and fixed monthly costs make top-tier London IT support accessible without compromising quality.

Take control of your IT and explore exclusive offers with Sereno, where efficiency meets expertise.


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Sereno IT Support
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Annabelle PughAnnabelle Pugh
14:22 13 Dec 23
We have been clients of Sereno IT's since summer 2023 and we have been extremely happy with the service we have received to date. Sereno have built their business with a direct aim to fix the issues that are notoriously problematic with MSPs, and having experienced some of these problems with our previous MSP, Sereno are truly achieving in their efforts.Everything is so streamlined and easy for clients to use - their partner portal has truly thought of everything, from ordering IT equipment, to scheduling calls with engineers. The team always make sure everything is very clearly explained, and when things are a little more technical/ difficult to put into an email, we have received personal video explanations which have been so useful.Highly recommend Sereno's services!
Dana OzolaDana Ozola
12:41 07 Dec 23
These guys are new in the market, but they provide outstanding service service. What is important to our company, that they comprehend hierarchy of team and therefore importance despite the issue is applied. When we need something urgent, they find a manpower to resolve it asap. And most important for me as an assistant, i don't have to have IT language to explain the issue, they know issue is there and they find it and fix it - i do not have to answer 10 questions if i have done this or that, but they fix it by jumping on the system, with in short time all is done and you can move on with your day. And they are always positive 🙂
John HolmesJohn Holmes
20:42 06 Dec 23
We have been a customer of Sereno since Summer 2023 and the experience since has been overwhelmingly positive. We are an SMB working in a complex, safety-critical industry, where stable and reliable IT services are paramount. Sereno have never let us down, with their team of highly competent, customer-focused technicians, who always go the extra mile.As well as high quality services, they are also proactive in identifying areas for improvement and where they can add value. Compared to many other traditional IT suppliers, they are interested in establishing a true partnership, where the needs of both parties are taken into consideration.I really can't recommended Sereno IT highly enough, as the other 5* reviews on here will also testify.
Alexander MossAlexander Moss
12:17 05 Dec 23
Great company, full of energy and very attentive to our needs. You really get a personalised service, with the technical ability of a much larger company.
James GoodwinJames Goodwin
16:43 04 Dec 23
My business has recently adopted Sereno IT Support as our ITSM partner over the last quarter. This has been a sensible move for us as we scale, and the moving parts will become more complex as we grow. I have experienced a few issues, but these have been quickly addressed. One particular, tricky item involving my work mobile was a challenge - but, “We got there in the end! Thank you Tamim - your support has been very helpful and much appreciated”
Madeleine BarleyMadeleine Barley
12:43 04 Dec 23
Excellent, speedy, friendly and very 'human' service. Intuitive and easy to use platform. I'm the type of person who normally puts off raising IT tickets but Sereno has actually changed that for me because it's so easy and straightforward, and everything gets actioned quickly.
Chris NeedhamChris Needham
10:55 07 Jul 23
I've had the pleasure of working with Sereno for several months now, they are honestly absolutely fantastic. The service really is better than I have experienced from other support organisations.The team is incredibly easy to work with. Everyone I have interacted with is friendly, seems to listen and is generally responsive. They also have a high level of understanding of industry specific problems which helps a lot.We've has issues in the past with really slow response times but this an area where Sereno does really well. We're usually able to get an answer to queries within minutes, and resolutions within hours at most.We have also used them for advisory services on security and are really happy with the results. It's been a much more efficient process than the in house team we have previously.Highly recommend!


Sereno 100-Day Guarantee

We understand moving IT providers can be a big decision, so we have removed the risk for you!  We put our money where our mouth is because we are this confident you will love our service.

We know the fear of a new provider not living up to expectations can be a major hurdle. With our 100-Day Guarantee, you have the freedom to explore our services without the worry of losing any money.

Our 100-Day Guarantee aligns seamlessly with our 1st-year rolling contract and our Partner Experience Agreement (PXA). We’re committed to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, providing reassurance every step of the journey.

100 day guarantee

Experience top-notch service from day one! If you're ever dissatisfied with our offerings within the first 100 days, we'll gladly refund your money and assist you in transitioning to a new provider at no extra cost.

Partner Satisfaction Guarantee

If your Partner Experience score goes below 95%, we won’t hold you to any future contracts. We live and breathe our company values and commitments to our partners.

1st year rolling contract

We don’t ‘lock you in’ like other providers. Let us prove our service quality to you in the first 12 months, with a 30-day notice period

Request IT Support in London how you want, when you want

Discover Sereno IT, your trusted ally for superior IT support services, in the vibrant city of London.

We specialise in assisting small and midsize businesses across the entire London area, offering tailored solutions that put IT control directly in your hands.

Experience the convenience of requesting remote IT support on our platform—your way, your timing.

Our live chat feature ensures instant responses to your team’s minor queries, saving precious time for your London-based operations.

At Sereno, we go beyond the reactive approach; our proactive system monitoring and expert advice ensure issues are identified and resolved before they disrupt your business. 

Explore our range of London IT support services, featuring customizable packages and transparent IT support pricing structures designed to elevate your business seamlessly.

Sereno IT explained in 2 min

Instant real-time chat with an engineer

Speak to an engineer immediately through our online real-time chat. Always available to provide remote support and connect to your device as needed.

Book an engineer at your convenience

We work around your schedule. We give you the ability to book time with an engineer at a time that suits you best. No more calls out of the blue or unavailable engineers.

Streamline support requests for a quicker fix

Using our online portal we streamline support requests, reducing the time you need to spend on IT issues and giving you a quicker resolution to all requests.

Automated approvals & service requests

We automate the approval process and create bespoke service requests specific to your business’s requirements, giving a personalised experience and removing delays.

Are you experiencing any issues or uncertainties with your IT environment?  Our team can help answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have about your IT environment, all free of charge.

Buyer Guide to Managed IT Services in 2024

We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right provider, which is why we’ve compiled all the factors you need to consider into one easy-to-follow guide.

From assessing data security measures to evaluating professional services and contract flexibility, we provide expert guidance and insider tips to help you make an informed decision.


Why Businesses Turn To Sereno IT Support Service

Promptly resolving your IT issues, improving your productivity, and saving costs is the top priority. That, however, should be a given! At Sereno London IT support service we go a step further to always ensure a win for our partners.

No long term commitment

We understand that choosing a new London IT Support partner for your business is a difficult decision that requires trust. Therefore, all IT support partnerships are 30-day rolling for the first 12 months and forever backed by our Partner Experience Guarantee.

We’ll cover 25% of cloud migration cost

The modern workplace relies on cloud technology for successful, flexible and secure working. If you’re not benefitting from cloud computing, we’ll cover 25% of your migration cost, enabling you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

You invest, we invest

Benefit from reduced monthly fees after you invest in your London cyber security. Plus, subsidised cloud migrations and discounted IT projects to help you get started in achieving your optimal IT setup.

Customer-first approach

Our service desk team are targeted solely at customer satisfaction, meaning your people are our priority. Our Partner Experience Agreement is embedded into our culture and our agreements.

Customer Satisfaction
Resolved within 1 hour
Years of IT Support Experience

As Your London IT Support Provider We Will

Strategic technology planning

Support your wider business goals with an aligned technology strategy. We help you make informed decisions, cutting through the tech and getting down to business.

Interactive road map and reporting

Have complete visibility over your IT environment, keep track of current and future projects, and budget accordingly – all in our simple interactive online platform.

IT assessments you can understand!

Your dedicated Technology Advisor continuously assesses your entire IT environment, identifying and communicating improvements or opportunities.

Cyber security & compliance managed

We review, advise, and manage your Cyber Security. Helping to secure your business and achieve compliance, be that against best-practice or industry requirements.

Ready to switch? Get in touch today

Looking to move away from your old IT support London provider, but not sure how? We’re here to help guide you through the process and answer any question you might have. Get in touch today!


Switching IT to Sereno is quick and easy


Contact us today

Please get in touch with our IT Support team, and we’ll discuss your requirements.


We learn about your business

We'll get to know you and your business's specific requirements and then discuss how our IT Support can help.


Stress-free onboarding

We’ll manage the entire process, liaising directly with your previous IT partner to ensure a smooth transition.


Comprehensive IT audit

We’ll assess your IT setup, interview stakeholders, and provide an IT roadmap to ensure success.


Always on-hand

Once you’ve partnered with us, we’ll always be there to solve your IT issues and provide strategic IT consultancy.


Switching IT Company Is Much Easier Than You Think

Staying with a poor IT company because you’re afraid to move away is no longer an acceptable excuse. Here we debunk 9 IT switching  fears vs realities. And for a stress-free transition, download our handy switching checklist where we outline everything you need to prepare for.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing an IT Support partner for your small to mid sized business in London is a daunting task. Here we address our top FAQs about our IT services.

Experience fast and reliable London IT support services covering every corner of the city. From W1, WC, and EC to Holborn, Camden, and Islington, we’ve got you covered in E, SE, SW, N, NW, and W, including key areas like Liverpool Street, Hackney, and Croydon.

We operate flexible working across all our teams; we believe this leads to happier team members with a better work-life balance which translates into a better service for you.

We have an office in Holborn, London to allow our team to collaborate face to face and enjoy the occasional social.

Nearly all our engineers live in or around London this makes it easy for us to deliver IT Support in London.

We understand that the typical working pattern has changed for most; to allow for this, we operate extended hours from 7 am-7 pm, Monday to Friday.

Most of our partners adopt cloud-based systems, so major outages over weekends that require immediate assistance are unlikely these days.

We don’t include 24×7 support on our standard service plan as our partners don’t tend to use it, so why pay for it.

Instant Chat, via our online Portal or by Telephone.

We also offer the ability to schedule an engineer at your convenience.

We are also integrating these options into Teams and Slack to make it even easier soon.

You will have a dedicated IT Advisor from the moment you come onboard.

They will take time to understand your business and will have quarterly meetings with you covering: Service Delivery, Technology Health Assessments, Partner Satisfaction amongst other things. You can contact them at any time and will be given a direct dial and mobile number.

However, you will also have clear escalation paths for any service-related matters, along with contact details for our team leaders, service deliver manager and even directors should you need them for anything. 

You set the priority of your requests, so if you have an emergency or significant issue, let us know.

Any emergencies are responded to within 15 mins of us knowing, if we haven’t already resolved your issue at the point of it being raised, it will be assigned to an appropriately skilled engineer to address it as a priority.  

Migrating from one IT Support provider to another shouldn’t be stressful experience when done correctly.

Sereno It has a well-tested process and manage the whole switch on your behalf; we get everything from your old IT company directly and then document everything else we need.

We will also introduce ourselves to your team, which we can do online or in person at your next team meeting.

You will also have access to simple videos and guides on how to use or service for future team members who miss this.

The tools we use to manage, maintain, and securely remote onto your devices and systems mean we no longer need to come onsite for most of what we do.

Although we offer ‘onsite support’ as an option, we don’t include this in our standard offering. The need to go onsite nowadays is minimal, so we don’t make our partners pay to cover this eventuality.

Instead, should you need a one-off on-site visit, we can book it and charge you an hourly rate, that way, if you don’t need it, you are not being charged for the privilege.   

Within our Partner Portal, we provide a knowledge base for all your employees to access; this includes guides for day-to-day IT requirements.

We also provide training and guides/videos on using our service, which you can access through our partner portal.

Should your team need more specific training on applications or systems, we can always find someone within our professional network to help.

Yes, we understand you will have other providers that we will need to liaise with to support your entire IT system.

Examples of these may be Internet providers or Managed Print providers.

We are happy to raise issues with them directly on your behalf.

We also offer all these services through Sereno directly to remove the go-betweens and ensure you only have one provider you can rely on for all things IT. 

Yes, most of our partners choose to procure hardware and software licensing through us.

We make the entire process simple and easy.

This way, you don’t have to waste time internally handling orders and deliveries.

We also ensure you get the right spec of hardware/software for you and work with you to create standard device options that you can easily order through our portal for a new starter.

When you first come onboard, we will sit with you to understand your specific new user and leaver requirements and guide you in these if you are unsure of correct processes.

Once this is created and documented you can simply request each of these through our Partner Portal, input simple information in that we need such start/final date and then we do the rest following the agreed process.


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