IT Support London


What makes us different

Stress-free IT Support

Schedule calls directly with our IT engineers so that we can solve your IT issues at a time that works for you. Get instant IT Support via our chat function for all your minor IT questions and requests.

You invest, we invest

Benefit from reduced monthly fees after you invest in your cyber security. Plus, subsidised cloud migrations and discounted IT projects to help you get started in achieving your optimal IT setup.

Expert IT advice

We deliver expert strategic IT consultancy to help you get the most out of your technology. Providing an online platform to review all aspects of your IT environment and create a strategic road map for the future.

Customer-first approach

Our service desk team are targeted solely at customer satisfaction, meaning your people are our priority. Our Partner Experience Agreement is embedded into our culture and our agreements.



Request IT Support how you want, when you want

We give you and your people the flexibility to schedule in time to resolve your IT issues when it works for you.

This prevents unnecessary disruption to your workforce. You choose a time that suits you and know exactly when to expect our IT experts to get in touch. 

We also offer instant IT Support through chat for your team’s minor questions or requests.

This, again, saves everyone time! They can enter their question into our online chat function and expect a swift reply, 80% of chat requests are usually solved instantly. 


As your IT Support partner we will



Effective IT consultancy

Informed, actionable IT advice should be the most valuable service you receive from your IT partner. At Sereno, we pledge to be your greatest supporter by also being your biggest critic.  

We will thoroughly and continually audit your IT and security environment, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for success and recommending technical solutions accordingly.  

In doing so, we can help you achieve an IT setup that will minimise risk, prevent disruption, fuel efficiency and save you money. 

To make your life easier, we provide an interactive online platform that gives you visibility over everything you need to know to make informed decisions. Data is displayed clearly through graphs, tables, and real-time statistics, which we will walk you through quarterly, highlighting key areas of focus to drive business success.  


A unique approach to IT Support

Many IT support London companies target their team on counterproductive SLAs that often work against you, rewarding the least amount of time spent on your requests and resulting in short-term thinking.

Our team are purely focused on your satisfaction with the experience and outcome. We call this our Partner Experience Agreement PXA.

We gather feedback on each service request and monitor your Partner Experience score. If you ever dip below 95% satisfaction with our service, we immediately enter you into a service improvement plan to identify and resolve the cause.

 If your still unhappy we remove any contractual commitments you have, simple as that.


Our happy clients

Laurence Harper
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Sereno IT Support is fantastic. I wish we had found out about them earlier. They offer honest strategic IT advice in plain English.
Dan Jones
Burgess Studio
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The team deliver a great level of customer service and are friendly and really know what they are talking about. I would highly recommend.
Sandip Sali
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Finally a stress free approach to our IT Support, which has freed up my time. Sereno deliver.


Comprehensive security documentation as standard

What happens when prospective clients or investors must conduct due diligence regarding your technology and security environment? Most IT support providers don’t consider situations like this, leaving you to manage due diligence on your own without the technical background you need.  

However, at Sereno, we guarantee you always have access to the technical information you need. With every security service we supply and manage for you, we provide security documentation as standard. Written by our security experts, this document will outline what security measures you have in place, how they’re managed, and how this helps secure your business. 

A true united partnership.



Why work with us?


Proactive IT Support London

We don’t sit around and wait for something to go wrong. We proactively monitor systems and provide advice to ensure we identify and resolve issues before they disrupt your business.


Cutting-edge technology

We’ve invested in the best technology that creates the best customer experience for you—removing the usual frustrations associated with IT, streamlining business processes and giving you back control without the burden/responsibility.


Unrivalled end-user experience

Our team are targeted based purely on customer experience; ensuring your employees’ satisfaction is always our top priority. We strongly believe our team of happy and dedicated IT specialists are the key to keeping your team stress-free and satisfied.


A trusted IT partner

We act as an extension of your company and spend time understanding your technology and business goals. This allows us to guide on improvement, identify opportunities, and protect your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing an IT Support partner for your small to mid sized business in London is a daunting task. Here we address frequently asked questions.

We operate flexible working across all our teams; we believe this leads to happier team members with a better work-life balance which translates into a better service for you.

We have an office in Holborn, London to allow our team to collaborate face to face and enjoy the occasional social.

Nearly all our engineers live in or around London this makes it easy for us to deliver IT Support in London.

We understand that the typical working pattern has changed for most; to allow for this, we operate extended hours from 7 am-7 pm, Monday to Friday.

Most of our partners adopt cloud-based systems, so major outages over weekends that require immediate assistance are unlikely these days.

We don’t include 24×7 support on our standard service plan as our partners don’t tend to use it, so why pay for it.

Instant Chat, via our online Portal or by Telephone.

We also offer the ability to schedule an engineer at your convenience.

We are also integrating these options into Teams and Slack to make it even easier soon.

You will have a dedicated IT Advisor from the moment you come onboard.

They will take time to understand your business and will have quarterly meetings with you covering: Service Delivery, Technology Health Assessments, Partner Satisfaction amongst other things. You can contact them at any time and will be given a direct dial and mobile number.

However, you will also have clear escalation paths for any service-related matters, along with contact details for our team leaders, service deliver manager and even directors should you need them for anything. 

You set the priority of your requests, so if you have an emergency or significant issue, let us know.

Any emergencies are responded to within 15 mins of us knowing, if we haven’t already resolved your issue at the point of it being raised, it will be assigned to an appropriately skilled engineer to address it as a priority.  

Migrating from one IT Support provider to another shouldn’t be stressful experience when done correctly.

We have a well-tested process and manage the whole switch on your behalf; we get everything from your old IT company directly and then document everything else we need.

We will also introduce ourselves to your team, which we can do online or in person at your next team meeting.

We also have simple videos and guides on how to use or service for future team members who miss this.

The tools we use to manage, maintain, and securely remote onto your devices and systems mean we no longer need to come onsite for most of what we do.

Although we offer ‘onsite support’ as an option, we don’t include this in our standard offering. The need to go onsite nowadays is minimal, so we don’t make our partners pay to cover this eventuality.

Instead, should you need a one-off on-site visit, we can book it and charge you an hourly rate, that way, if you don’t need it, you are not being charged for the privilege.   

Within our Partner Portal, we provide a knowledge base for all your employees to access; this includes guides for day-to-day IT requirements.

We also provide training and guides/videos on using our service, which you can access through our partner portal.

Should your team need more specific training on applications or systems, we can always find someone within our professional network to help.

Yes, we understand you will have other providers that we will need to liaise with to support your entire IT system.

Examples of these may be Internet providers or Managed Print providers.

We are happy to raise issues with them directly on your behalf.

We also offer all these services through Sereno directly to remove the go-betweens and ensure you only have one provider you can rely on for all things IT. 

Yes, most of our partners choose to procure hardware and software licensing through us.

We make the entire process simple and easy.

This way, you don’t have to waste time internally handling orders and deliveries.

We also ensure you get the right spec of hardware/software for you and work with you to create standard device options that you can easily order through our portal for a new starter.

When you first come onboard, we will sit with you to understand your specific new user and leaver requirements and guide you in these if you are unsure of correct processes.

Once this is created and documented you can simply request each of these through our Partner Portal, input simple information in that we need such start/final date and then we do the rest following the agreed process.

For quick, reliable and expert IT Support get in touch today.